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Current business loan interest rates (as of February, 2020) offered by the major lenders

Lenders Loan Amount Tenure Interest Rate Conditions

Upto 50 Lac


11% Onwards

Turnover 30 Lac,Age-21-65,No Collateral

Upto 50 Lac



ITR-1.5 Lac,3 Year Balance Sheet,No Collateral

Upto 50 Lac


16% Onwards

3 Lac-75 Lac



Upto 30 Lac



Upto 75 Lac


17.25% Onwards

10 Lac-50 Lac


10 Lac-50 Lac



3 Lac-75 Lac



Turnover 1Cr,Age-28-68,No Collateral

5 Lac-50 Lac



10 lac-35 Lac


16% Onwards

Turnover 1Cr,Age-27-65,No Collateral

5 Lac Onwards


12% Onwards

1 Lac-30 Lac


18% Onwards

5 Lac-75 Lac


19% Onwards

Upto 30 Lac


14% Onwards

1 Lac-50 Lac



5 Lac-25 Lac



Upto 50 Lac



1 Lac-1 Cr


12% Onwards

25Lac Turnover,Age-21,1 Year Business

1 Lac-2 Cr



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Features and Benefits of Business Loan

Business Loan has following features:

  • 1. Fixed Interest Rates
  • 2. Easy Documentation
  • 3. Flexible Repay Schedule
  • 4. No Collateral

Benefits of Business Loan:

Here we have listed the advantages of business loan over other business credit options which includes:

  • 1. No interference in How Money is Spent
  • 2. Easy & Quick Processing
  • 3. All Profits belong to applicant

If you are planning for secure business loan, Capital Xpert is here to help You!!

Business Loan - Eligibility

Availing a business loan from Capital Xpert is simple. Applicants just need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria to avail the benefits of the loan


25 years to 55 years

Business Establishment

For at least 3 years

IT Filed

For at least 1 years

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About Business Loan

Business Loan is the type of finance for companies to fund company expenses which includes paying company debts, equipment purchase, employee salaries, etc. It is the best choice for start-ups and small businesses as it gives wings to their dream business ideas. A business loan is an unsecured loan. If you are looking for a safe and secure finance option for your business the opting business loan is the best choice for you. There are various types of business loans that can fulfill your needs accordingly which includes:

  • 1. Term Loans
  • 2. SBA (The Small Business Administration) loans
  • 3. Equipment & Machinery Financing
  • 4. Vehicle Financing
  • 5. Short-Term Business Loans

    A Business loan is offered based on several documents:

  • 1. Proof of monthly and annual revenue
  • 2. Business tax ID number and tax returns
  • 3. Business bank statements
  • 4. Government-issued ID for each business owner
  • 5. Business plan

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Business Loan Products

Become an achiever in the business with the success of your business.

Term loans

When you need a fund for pe-defined time, This loan is the best choice. The term loan can be classified as short-term loan & loan term loan, depends on the business requirement. Avail the term loan with Capital Xpert today.

Business lines of credit

Very similar to credit card, the applicant gets the card with limit and pay the amount monthly and also he/she needs to pay the amount expended for that month only. The only thing to care about is all the money Spent by the card, must belongs to the business.

SBA loans

Small Business Administration- it works with the lenders, they don’t directly lend the money to the business owners, but include its partners hence it reduces the risk for lenders. And this is the reason, this loan can be accessed easily.

Equipment financing

At Capital Xpert, avail the Equipment financing loan at the lowest interest rate. The expenses must belong to some kind of equipment related.

Invoice financing

Having a large customer due amount, you can avail of the loan against the customer dues. This loan helps in cash flows, pay employees salaries etc. At Capital Xpert with easy documentations, the fund can be granted.

Commercial real estate loans

The fund against the real estate property can be granted id it is a commercial property like office, retail shops, etc. if you need money and have the commercial property and you earning by that. You are eligible to avail of the loan.

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